History of commands after installing ExaGear...

History of commands after installing ExaGear...

Postby 4k3or3et » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:52 am

Hi guys

after installing ExaGear some script appears in history of terminal commands after every reboot. It looks like that:

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  473  #! /bin/bash -i
  474  #
  475  # The script creates a wrapper around an upstart init script in the guest
  476  # system. The wrapper is installed as a host init script. The wrapper calls
  477  # guest's /bin/sh and feeds it with the script contained in the original
  478  # upstart configuration file. This way, services of the ExaGear guest system
  479  # appear as services of the host system and they can be managed from the
  480  # host with usual
  481  #     initctl start|stop service_name
  482  #
  483  # Copyright (c) 2013 "Elbrus Technologies" LLC. All rights reserved.
  484  #
  485  # This script comes with NO warranty, not even for MERCHANTABILITY or
  487  #
  488  my_dir=$(dirname $0)
  489  image_dir=$(realpath "$my_dir/../..")
  490  confdir_src="$image_dir/etc/init"
  491  confdir_dst="/etc/init"
  492  descriptor_src="${confdir_src}/$1.conf"
  493  descriptor_dst="${confdir_dst}/$1.conf"
  494  if ! [ -e "$descriptor_src" ] ; then     echo "The service configuration file $descriptor_src does not exist.";     echo "Make sure that '$1' is spelled correctly.";     exit 1; fi
  495  if [ -e "$descriptor_dst" ] ; then     echo "The host system has the configuration file $descriptor_src.";     echo "It is not possible to have identically named upstart services";     echo "in the host and guest systems".;     echo;     echo "If you do not use the service $1 on the host, you can uninstall it";     echo "and then rerun this script to export $1 from the guest system.";     echo;     echo "Please see the user's manual to learn about the limitations of";     echo "the guest and host integration mechanisms.";     exit 1; fi

Anybody knows how to resolve the issue?
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Re: History of commands after installing ExaGear...

Postby 4k3or3et » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:20 am

I found the script. It is:

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How can i trace what triggers it?
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