ExaGear Windows Emulator on Chromebook - how to...

ExaGear Windows Emulator on Chromebook - how to...

Postby Hubbel » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:59 am

I've downloaded "ExaGear - Windows Emulator" from the Google Play Store. According to the product information page this version is optimized for Chromebooks but can also be run on any ARM Android mobile device with keyboard & mouse attached. I'm not using a Chromebook but instead using a SM-N930F - also known as Samsung's hotest device ever. I've got a BT keyboard & mouse attached, both are working, my devices is fully rooted, busybox is installed, I've got HydraKernel installed and the app seems to work properly as I'm able to install and run some simple x86-Programs out of the box (e.g. Total Commander). So CPU, RAM, keyboard, mouse and so on should fit the requirments and I'm (potentially) in full control of my system.

Unfortunately I'm unable to locate usefull threads in the forums about my version - mostly Exagear RPG or Exagear Stratgies are discussed in the Mobile section and Exagear Desktop is Raspberry only. Thus making me think that here I'm in the correct section for my product.

To cut a long story short: I've got a bunch of questions which aren't answered anywhere in the forums, search function back and forth.

1.Is Wine already part of my product? I've found wine files in some sub-dirs of the installation directory but missing ways to configure it.
In [How To] install MS Office 2010 on Chromebook (which is filed in the Exagear Desktop section) is mentioned that Wine and Playonlinux must be manually installed. What's fact - wine is included in my product or not? If yes, how can I configure it? If not then...
2.I need to know how to open up the ExaGear shell the Office 2010-How2 is talking about. I'm already using Termux, but I'm quite sure in order to install something this must be done out a the Exagear shell - right? If yes, next step would be to deal with the package manager - there's a sources.list somehwere in the ExaGear installation directory, so at least there's a trace of a package manager... can this actively be used? Which repository I can add to the my sources to get working ARM-packages?
3.Before trying to do something serious with the emulator I wanna have some fun by installing Sim City 4 (I own the orignal). That's where a major difference between ExaGear RPG/Strategies and Windows Emulator comes in place: as far as I read I need to install the game instead of just copying over the folder of the already installed game from PC to android device as it is handled in Exagear RPG/Strategies. The source directory for installation files must be placed below /sd-card/Download/ - as I'm using ISO9660 images of Sim City 4 I've successfully mounted the 1st (of 2) isos in that folder (which alone took me approx 4h)... but ExaGear wont recognize the content of the mounted iso - even when ExaGear is startet via shell in root context. So the questions are:
Isn't Exagear capable of reading the ISO9660 filesystem or does it simply not accept workarounds like mounts/symlinks?
Can the source directory for installations be changed to somewhere else?
Is the storage folder somewhere below the ExaGear installation directory of any use? Maybe that's the place to mount .iso files?
4.After installation I'll need to apply a patch to Sim City 4 - how can I do that? My experience from the simple programms I've talking above make me think that every "Install New"-action inside the emulator starts an own environment which doesn't know anything about already installed programms (Sim City 4) - how can patches/updates be applied to already installed programs?

Hopefully someone can bring me on the tracks so that I can solve further problems on my own... the apps is really fascinating, I smelled blood of a real Windows Emulator, RPG/Strategies will probably not be able to satisfy me after realizing the potential of the real emulator...
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