Lime in the coco-nut feat. lux milk

Lime in the coco-nut feat. lux milk

Postby Ericstalker » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:45 am

We had the pleasure of meeting Lux Milk owner, Amy Bisogni at a recent LocalLove805 mixer in town. The mixer was featuring some local businesses in the 805 (Ventura County) and when we heard about her almond milk, we could NOT wait to try it. After her visit to our office, we got to try some of the goods… and I mean GOOD.

Lux Almond Milk crafts many varieties of almond milk such as sweetened and unsweetened versions of the original recipe as well as Lavender and Chocolate (flavored with Raw Cacao). This milk is creamy, oh so delicious, and the best we’ve ever had. There are no preservatives and we’re fine with it because we can’t seem to make a bottle last more than a day anyways! You can find Lux Almond currently at the local Camarillo Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Visit her website to find out more!

When talking to Amy, we quickly realized that we shared a love for cocktails and she had mentioned to me that she frequently makes cocktails with her almond milks. Immediately, I couldn’t wait to craft up a creamy tail and was especially thrilled that it would be considered a “Skinny” Cocktail with almond milk as the cream base.

This particular recipe was inspired by a creamy cocktail I had recently on a trip to San Francisco. While we enjoyed many great cocktails, the drinks from Pacific Cocktail Haven haven’t left my dreams. The only thing missing from them was some copper! For this recipe, we used our hammered copper tumblers for serving and our hammered jigger for the perfect pours. So without further ado, I give you the LIME IN THE COCO-NUT.

3.5 oz. LUX Almond Milk Unsweetened

2 oz. Tito’s Vodka

.5 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

.5 oz. Coconut Syrup

Toasted Coconut (garnish)

Lime Zest (garnish)

Make the Coconut Syrup. Bring 1 part water and 1 part coconut sugar to a boil and add in shredded coconut. Let it sit in the pot for about 30 minutes to infuse the coconut flavor. Strain and save in a glass jar in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. For the toasted coconut, place shredded coconut in a pan over medium heat and stir until lightly browned then remove from heat.

To make the cocktail, begin building in a shaker tin the almond milk, vodka, lime juice, and coconut syrup. Do not add ice, but shake the ingredients for about 30 seconds to create a frothy drink. Pour over ice and top with toasted coconut and lime zest.

Serving Size: 1 Copper Mug
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