ExaGear RPG crashes

ExaGear RPG crashes

Postby Dogmatix » Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:06 am

I have several problems with ExaGear RPG:
1. In many cases, when i start it it shows the "Starting up" screen forever.
2. In the cases where it does show me the list of games (my game specifically is MM6), it crashes when trying to load the game.
It used to crash a lot, but eventually load the game, but now it crashes all the time.
I opened the x86-stderr.txt and this is the error i see:

argv = ['libubt'; '--vfs-kind'; 'guest-first'; '--path-prefix'; '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.eltechs.erpg/files/image'; '--vpaths-list'; '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.eltechs.erpg/files/image/.exagear/vpaths-list'; '-f'; '/usr/bin/wine'; '--fork-controller'; 'ua:.exagear-tracker-app10'; '--ipc-emul-server'; 'ua:com.eltechs.erpg'; '--tmp-dir'; '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.eltechs.erpg/files/image/.exagear/tmp'; '--vfs-hacks=pels,ansep,tlsasws,'; '--file-name-replacements=/home/xdroid-mm/.wine/dosdevices/c_,/home/xdroid-mm/.wine/drive_c,/home/xdroid-mm/.wine/dosdevices/d_,/storage/emulated/0/ExaGear,/home/xdroid-mm/.wine/dosdevices/e_,/storage/emulated/0/ExaGear,'; '--socket-path-suffix'; 'erpg'; '--ubt-executable'; '/data/app/com.eltechs.erpg-1/lib/arm/libubt.so'; '--ubt-loader'; '/data/app/com.eltechs.erpg-1/lib/arm/libelfloader.so'; '--'; 'wine'; '/home/xdroid-mm/.wine/dosdevices/d_/__Might and Magic VI/MM6.exe'; ]
envp = ['HOME=/home/xdroid-mm/'; 'LC_ALL=C'; 'DISPLAY=:10'; 'AXS_SOUND_SERVER_PORT=/tmp/.sound/AS10'; 'AXS_DSOUND_SERVER_PORT=/tmp/.sound/DS10'; 'EXADROID_DISABLE_SHORT_NAMES=y'; ]
lkv_InitialiseStack: failed to create guard pages and FCB.
[pid 19664] ubt_Error at lkv_hoststacks.cc:420

Uninstalling/reinstalling both game and app, changing configurations, rebooting phone - nothing works.
I have android 6.0.1

I paid for the magnesium controllers, so i expect a fix.

I am a programmer myself, so if you don't plan on fixing it, could you please maybe release your code to open source, so someone else may fix these issues?
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Re: ExaGear RPG crashes

Postby Armmaster » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:23 am

We have fixed recently a bug that I expect may follow to such issue. We are planning to make an update in nearest future.
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