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Exagear for Android will not start any Windows Progams

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:59 am
by uhlenspeegel

I bought Exagear for Android (not Strategy) and successfully installed hundreds of Windows programs under it on Android 5.1
Then I had to switch tablets (my old one died) and I moved on to another Samsung Note Tab 12, this one with LineageOS 7.1.2. on it.
But ever since I restored my setup onto this system, Exegaer will not launch a single Windows program. The App starts up, then I try to launch a Windows prog and all it does is to reset back to the app's GUI.

Exagear tech support won't help a bit, all they do is to tell me to be patient and wait for the next release. But I can not work w/o my Windows progs and I paid good money for my Exagear app - so what gives?