I seem to be too stupid

I seem to be too stupid

Postby angus » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:36 pm

I am trying now for weeks installing "Diablo II" on exagear. I cannot do it somehow. I reached it to get i work - but sound crashed it was just something noisy. I worked in a Window, but was lagging extremely. Now I tried to install it on Debian stretch, Jessie and even via Retropie. I always get errors on installing exegear.
Error examples:
lvl0: Error initializing SDL! Renderer failed to initialize! Window failed to initialize

Even tried to install Raspbian ans Ubuntu 1404 Guest.

apt-get update and upgrade and nothing works, but hangs.
I'm completely pissed off or too studig following all kind of instructions - (none worked) on your site.
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