Wine 2.0 Faulty Installation

Wine 2.0 Faulty Installation

Postby hooperre » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:45 am

When I attempt to install wine I always get booted from the Pixel desktop on my RPi 3. I think it's something trying to install to the shared folder that's always there, and then it says exiting. It happens too fast for me to get a picture of it to type out the correct command. It happens when I use the 'sudo apt-get install wine' command after ExaGear successfully builds.

This is the terminal view I have when I attempt to configure wine for the first time after building. (Imgur Link:

This is the error I get when installing Age of Empires, though AOE gold is platinum on Wine's AppDB.


Anyone else having difficulty building wine? Is there a workaround installation pathway/command?
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Re: Wine 2.0 Faulty Installation

Postby goha » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:15 pm

That's weird.
Could you please post the output of the follwoing commandsexecuted in ARM terminal:
Code: Select all
$ uname -a
$ cat /etc/issue
$ dpkg -l 'exagear*'
$ exagear
$ arch
$ apt-cache search wine
$ ls -l /home/pi/.wine
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