General Debugging

General Debugging

Postby Sphin » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:20 pm

Hi there,

a x86 application installs and starts fine via wine via Exagear Desktop on a Pi 3 model B in a virtual wine desktop. After 7 to 9 hours a nice screen appears overwritten with "program error" saying "The program ... has encountered a serious problem ..." and offers a button "Show Details" which would be very interesting to see. But a click on this button leads to a more or less blank screen only saying "Loading ...". I found in another thread of this forum a maybe explanation for the reason of this debugging behavior.

Error message that you see in the output is the error of wine debugger. Wine automatically runs its debugger and tries to get some debug info. But on RPi 3 wine and its debugger are running under ExaGear. ExaGear is sophisticated software that intercepts x86 code on the fly and converts it to ARM code with lots of manipulations for performance optimizations. The resulting code cannot be read by debugger.

Does this really mean with Exagear Desktop there is no chance to find out why a x86 application does not work properly or are there other instruments for a systematic debugging?

Thanks, Sphin

P.S.: the x86 application in question is used only by a small community and is not listed in the wine application database of course.
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