Teamspeak 3 Client

Teamspeak 3 Client

Postby MsR-Fennec » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:16 pm

Hello Guys,

i am currently trying to set up a music bot for Teamspeak but im struggling with running a version above 3.1. I have tried the Linux version ( or other lib error) as well as the Windows version via wine (Crashes on startup). I hope you can help me and thanks in advance.
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Re: Teamspeak 3 Client

Postby goha » Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:00 pm

Recently I've found that it is required to install a list of libraries in order to run TS3 Client in the guest x86 system.
Please try to install the following:
$ sudo apt-get install mesa-utils
$ sudo apt-get install libnss3 libxcursor1 libxcomposite1 libasound2 libXtst6 libdbus-1-3
$ sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa

and then run TS3 Client.
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Re: Teamspeak 3 Client

Postby goha » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:15 am

If you face with the following problem, please see below:

pi@raspberrypi:~/Schreibtisch/TeamSpeak3 $ ./
QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath: Please instantiate the QApplication object first
This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb"
in "".

You need to install Paket libqt5gui5 and libqt5core5a
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