Crashplan startup issues

Crashplan startup issues

Postby futurecy » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:20 pm

Trying to setup crashplan for small business as an always on backup solution. It installed just fine, and I've been able to sign in, adopt another backup profile, and start backing up from an attached usb drive. I have two issues that I need some help with and a 3rd that is more of a luxury item, but it would be nice to have:

1. The desktop app seems to randomly disconnect from the backup engine, forcing me to restart the service and the desktop app to get it to reconnect to the backup engine. Looking for any fixes to get it to run with more stability. Also, I'm looking for any advice on how to get the backup engine to restart the service if it fails.

2. The desktop app doesn't always start up. Although I don't believe the desktop app needs to be running for backups to happen, its the only way I know of that will let me change the directories that will be backed up. Is this a known bug?

3. This is more of a luxury item. Is there any way to get the taskbar icon that displays backup status. Its a useful tool for when I remote in with realvnc to see at a glance whats going on with the backups.

If it helps, I used the setup instructions for crashplan found on the eltechs blog on an RPi3 with raspbian jessie.

Also, please let me know if you have any extra usability tips such as moving the crashplan log directory to usb storage to help reduce stress on the RPi SD card, increasing swap memory size, moving swap memory to usb storage, increase jvm heap size, etc. I see a bunch of optimizations like this on general crashplan setup guides, but nothing of the sort was posted on exagear's tutorial. Would be nice to have a single guide focused on RPi with exagear for crashplan setup and maintenance.
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