Windows 9x programs?

Windows 9x programs?

Postby pscs » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:15 am

Has ExaGear + Wine (RPi 3) been tested with Windows 9x programs?

I got it so I could run some old games I have from that era which can't be run in DosBox, but they all seem to report the error "Detected a load of CS with a non-standard selector" as soon as they are run.

Standard Wine on an x86 Linux works fine with the same CDs, so that suggests the problem is with ExaGear Desktop.

Getting the same game from GOG and it seems to work fine, but it seems a waste to have to buy the games again when I've still got the CDs from the 1990s. I guess the changes that GOG have made to make the games run in modern versions of Windows are making them work with ExaGear as well.
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