Pi 3 & Skype & Pulseaudio (Setup)

Pi 3 & Skype & Pulseaudio (Setup)

Postby Gerry_123 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:39 pm

May I ask if "anyone" has sucessfully got Raspberry "Pi 3" & "2017-04-10-raspbian-jessie" & Exagear to work with Skype ?
If they have I would appreciate, but do not expect the how-to.

I have tried five re-formatting sd-card sessions (over 2 full days) starting from scratch, with the constant problem of (a) skype showing only a virtual device under audio settings (b) skype seeing pulseaudio, but no sound - this was further verified by mplayer or (c) Skype working but the sound dying after 20 seconds of a skype call.

* I followed the instructions posted by eltechs precisely.
* I uninstalled & reinstalled pulseaudio repeatedly.
* Each time I checked with mplayer using sample audio both using pulseaudio & ALSA. The problem followed pulseaudio after the exagear/skype installation.
* Hardware - Logitech C920 webcam & both audio (out) & video via HDMI.

Thanks in desperation & frustration...
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