Can I use virtual box to run windows server os?

Can I use virtual box to run windows server os?

Postby mjayt » Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:23 pm

I see it is possible to run wine on top of Exagear desktop and get the use of windows apps on a Raspberry PI 3b. Is it possible to do a similar thing with virtual box on top of Exagear desktop to be able to run windows oses on a arm processor. or is it so slow it is not worth it. I also see you are developing a full VM to run Windows and x86 Oses on a arm processor. Well Hurry up with that will ya. :D :lol: I would assume virtual box would be to the VM you are working on as Qume is to Exagear desktop. it will work but is slow.

My reason for wanting to do this is to be able to use the cheap energy efficient pi's to run simple small foot print windows servers. I am also looking to create some pi clusters I would like to build windows server environment on top of and can not do that with out some sort of vm or emulator.
will the new VM environment support clustering or be multi-threaded?
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