Travel mediacenter

Travel mediacenter

Postby Nico Dekerf » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:18 am

In march I will leave for a very long bike travel(+1year). I am making a mediacenter for on the road. What it will do is film myself and the road 24/7 with raspberry pi zero's. I have a trailer behind my bike with solar panels on top to load all my batterys.
I also have a Raspberry pi 2b and 3b, and a Odroid c2. I am still testing out these computers to see how and what I can use them for. I've made a "laptop" that I can use with all these.

I need to be able to use a video editing tool to cut my recorded videos and then save them until I find internet to upload everything to youtube. My video will be in 720, and I will not need to render anything.
The files will automaticly be cut by the pi zero, so they will not be too big to load. I would use a old version of Vegas Pro(6,7,8) or something similar. Can I do this with your software on Linux?

Also I would like to be albe to play a version of Cycling Manager. I have them all starting from version 4(2004). Would I be able to use a Raspberry pi 3b or a Odroid c2 for that use with your product? It's the only game I must have, it does not matter what version.

What is the best choice for all this with your product, Raspberry pi 3b or the Odroid c2?
The Odroid is faster(2gb ram ddr3, 1.5Ghz) but there are also a lot of problems with it to get everything to run wel.

I was thinking about buying a LattePanda for that use, but I know these computers will break down on the road. A Raspberry or Odroid I can replace easily because they are cheap, with the LattePanda that is less the case. Also a LattePanda runs too hot for outdoor use.

I hope someone can help me with these questions so I can make the right choice for buying the Exagear software.
Thank you ;)

I do not have/want to have a smart phone, I know I could do some of the tasks with that.
Nico Dekerf
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