Error: set_queue_size insize 4096 outsize 2048 unimplemented

Error: set_queue_size insize 4096 outsize 2048 unimplemented

Postby PumpkinEater » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:45 pm

I try to install and use a little windows server program. This server communicates with a shortwave transceiver via USB. It streams audio to the local IP network and vice versa and controls the transceiver via USB serial (COM port resp. /dev/ttyUSB0). When I start the server, I get the error messages

0009:fixme:comm:set_queue_size insize 4096 outsize 2048 unimplemented stub

I found a similar bug report on an old bug list of wine, without any solution.
Any ideas what the error message means and how to fix that?

Thanks and regards,

The server program is available here: I installed the downloaded file "VA2FSQClientServer-v1.02.msi" on a Windows PC and copied the installed directory "VA2FSQClientServer" to the raspberry.
On the raspberry I start the program by
sudo -H -u pi DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/wine /home/pi/tmp/VA2FSQClientServer/VA2FSQ_Icom_Server.exe.

EDIT: Meanwhile I found this:
So, the error message is probably just a warning and not the reason for the non working app.
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