Help to Run Program Using .exe

Help to Run Program Using .exe

Postby ArchiMark » Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:55 am


Have ExaGear Desktop running OK on my little Planet Computer Gemini PDA.

However, I would like to run ToDo List program by AbstractSpoon. It does not have an installer. Just has .exe file.

There is a page that describes how to run program in linux. I am using Debian now.

On this page it says besides having wine, you need to have cabextract, mfc42, vcrun6.
To install these items, it says to install winetricks first.

I have installed winetricks and tried installing mfc42, but I get error messages during the install:

Code: Select all
comman wget -q -O - wget -q -O - returned status 8. Aborting.

Rename /home/gemini/.cache/winetricks/comctl32/cc32inst.exe and try again

So, renamed file and tried again, but get same error.

Any suggestion as to getting required .dll files installed?

Another question I have is whether I should doing this in Debian terminal or in ExaGear Desktop terminal environment?


ExaGear & Wine on Debian 9 on Planet Computer Gemini PDA
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