Windows Program Registration Process Not Working

Windows Program Registration Process Not Working

Postby ArchiMark » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:32 am


Just installed ExaGear and Wine on my little Planet Computer Gemini PDA the other day.

It is running Debian 9.

I have successfully installed and run a few Windows programs.

I installed a program called Liberty BASIC Pro (LBP). It installed OK and I can run it. However, something strange occurred when trying to complete the registration process for the program.

After entering name and registration number in the registration window, it opened up another little window that said registration was successful.

However, at the top of the window for LBP program it says 'unregistered program'. I tried closing and re-opening program, but still says unregistered.

I emailed the LBP developer and he said to try installing LBP or running LBP as Administrator in Windows.

Checked ExaGear info and read that ExaGear runs in Administrator mode.

Any suggestions as to how to get the registration process to work correctly?

Thank you for any help.

ExaGear & Wine on Debian 9 on Planet Computer Gemini PDA
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