Reinstallation and Distribution onto different Raspberries

Reinstallation and Distribution onto different Raspberries

Postby P.U.Baer » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:07 am


so far i have bought two licences of exagear desktop (for raspberry pi 3) and installed one on one Raspberry. As i forgot the passwort for the Raspi, i need to reinstall the compelte raspbian system again.
a) Do i have to remove the exagear desktop before (like mentioned here ... ar-desktop)
or can i just format and reinstall the sd-Card and then i need to install the exagear desktop like i did the first time?

b) Is it true that i can use exagear only on the same raspberry again, that i used for the first installation? Is it bound to CPU or to the micro SD-Card?

c) I want to use different raspberries at home and also prepare them for some other members of the family. Originally i inteded to prepare the micro-sd-card with installation on my home-raspi and then i would just put the prepared micro sd-card to the other raspi. I guess this does not work with exagear (if answer to "b" is yes)?

d) Is there any chance to move exagear desktop from one raspi to another e.g. when the raspi might become defect one day?

It would be helpful if the licensing system would be more transparent during the buying and installation process.

Thanks for your answer.
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