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Exagear Trial on Asus Tinker Board (and maybe other SBCs)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:23 am
by az5456
There is a manual how to install the trial version of Exagear Desktop for Raspberry Pi and Odroid devices, but these instructions don't work on Tinker Board with Tinker OS, because Exagear isn't included in the repos (apt-get install exagear-desktop doesn't work). It's possible to install Exagear manually on Tinker OS without problems, but with manual installation it's not possible to get a trial license.
But there is still a way to try Exagear on this board: Use Armbian instead of Tinker OS! In Armbian you can easily install Exagear as described for Raspberry with apt-get. When you start Exagear for the first time, the trial registration screen pops up and everything works.
It took many time to figure this out, so I thought I will share this information for other Tinker Board users who want to try Exagear before purchase.