Help - Chrome and Firefox Install

Help - Chrome and Firefox Install

Postby rikere » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:34 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have a really simple end goal/project, and so far, I've struck out with every approach I've taken. Any advice would be helpful at this point. My thought was to install chrome or firefox for Debian, install pipelight, and use my Raspi 2 to watch streaming like Simpsons World, Netflix, and Xfinity X1's box/DVR streaming. So far however, I've struck out at every attempt.

Attempt 1: Chrome + Debian

I *think* Google's Chrome builds have the DRM garbage built in and should therefore do as I need, without the hassle of pipelight. Setup debian, download chrome installer.deb, launch chrome. Chrome basically eats up all CPU resources and need to reboot to get any control back at all.

Attempt 2: Firefox + Pipelight

Add lots of repos to get all the dependencies settled because Debian's stock repo's suck. Install Firefox, pipelight, and gtk2-engine. Firefox runs, but it lags so much I can't even load youtube. Pipelight is untested as a result.

Attempt 3: Chrome + Pipelight

Chrome threw some GTK related errors. Test it to see if it works faster than firefox. It loads, but does not have any noticeable speed improvement over FF.

Attempt's 4 & 5: Firefox, Chrome, and Wine outright.

FF and Chrome threw some errors in console. Perhaps it's just something stupid with Debian that's giving me all the grief. Solution: Screw Linux, let's run windows stuff in linux. Result: multiple installer crashes, no performance improvement.

Oddly, with the exception of the first time launching Chrome, Raspbian's load indicator never red lined. It just sat there, leaving me to think I just have something setup wrong that's causing the lagginess. Raspi idles at 0-1% load when not trying to run exagear and related apps.
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Re: Help - Chrome and Firefox Install

Postby rikere » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:28 pm


Installing locales in the Guest appears to have improved speed and performance.

New Issue:

Target site now appears to freeze or get stuck in a loop, while loading flash login.
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Re: Help - Chrome and Firefox Install

Postby cdelatorrejr » Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:26 pm

Hello Rikere,

I too want to be able to watch Netflix & Xfinity from my Raspberry Pi 2 & was thinking of using Exagear. Can you tell how you were able to accomplish this? Which browser with Pipline did you end up having to use? Thank you in advance.
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